KYC is carried as a factor of trust to the investors.



KYC Service

Privacy has a special place in the crypto space. The example of Satoshi is the most important proof of this. People may not want to reveal their identities for different reasons. Unfortunately, we often come across scam-rug pulls in new projects in the crypto space. This is a negative situation for the crypto space in general and for all investors. KYC is carried out both as a means of keeping the identity of the project owners confidential and as a factor of trust to the investors.

Who can access the information?

- The information given to us during the KYC process is stored securely.
- Data is stored on 2 separate devices that are not connected to the internet.
- The data is never shared with other people and institutions.
- The storage period is 1 year.

What is our KYC Service?

The purpose of our KYC Service is to make the crypto space safer and more reliable.
It should be noted that the KYC process does not make a project completely secure. We identify the owner of a project by doing KYC. And we store this information securely.

  • ProjectsDateNetwork
  • Rencom Network09/19/2023BSCKYC
  • Astra Inu09/14/2023BSCKYC
  • Crypto Bonbon09/13/2023Game-FiKYC
  • REKTDAO09/08/2023ETHKYC
  • Yieldbase Finance08/21/2023BaseKYC
  • SeaSwap Token05/22/2023SUIKYC
  • Successmom Token05/22/2023BSCKYC
  • WorldFi05/01/2023BSCKYC
  • MRS PEPE04/24/2023BSCKYC
  • Avorak AI04/24/2023AI PlatformKYC
  • DigiToads04/15/2023ETHKYC
  • Zk Capital04/08/2023zkSyncKYC
  • WaterFund04/02/2023BSCKYC
  • POPCORN Token04/01/2023BSCKYC
  • MoonWay03/30/2023BSCKYC
  • Duck You! Token03/21/2023ETHKYC
  • ProfitScraper03/20/2023BSCKYC
  • Watermelons03/10/2023ETHKYC
  • Shibblack inu03/05/2023BSCKYC
  • LFG.Exchange02/28/2023ETHKYC
  • Metapuss02/23/2023BSCKYC
  • Ample Ecosystem02/13/2023BSCKYC
  • Metafarmer Token02/12/2023BSC/ETHKYC
  • Summum Token02/10/2023BSCKYC
  • FTZ Token02/07/2023BSCKYC
  • ShieldPad Token02/06/2023ETHKYC
  • YAAF Miner01/16/2023BSCKYC
  • Gonk Coin01/09/2023ETHKYC
  • ETH Machine01/09/2023ETHKYC
  • Bean Machine12/21/2022BSCKYC
  • CyberCat11/02/2022BSCKYC
  • Klassy10/31/2022KlaytnKYC
  • MoonCat Token10/29/2022BSCKYC
  • SPACELON Token10/20/2022ETHKYC
  • OnlyChads Token10/19/2022BSCKYC
  • Ponzi Token10/18/2022ETHKYC
  • MiToken10/16/2022BSCKYC
  • MetaDancingCrew10/13/2022BSCKYC
  • Fandora Network10/13/2022BSCKYC
  • PowStarter10/04/2022ETHWKYC
  • MetaThieves Token10/01/2022BSCKYC
  • A Dragons World Token09/30/2022BSCKYC
  • Pixel Verse Token09/18/2022BSCKYC
  • Edelweiss Token09/06/2022BSCKYC
  • Azimuth Finance09/01/2022BSCKYC
  • PokemonDoge Token08/22/2022DogechainKYC
  • Cryptomiles Token08/12/2022BSCKYC
  • FarmerCryptoCoin08/03/2022BSCKYC
  • Citizens Of Solana07/31/2022BSCKYC
  • Platinum.Finance07/28/2022BSCKYC
  • Kelp Network07/25/2022BSCKYC
  • BNBMINER07/21/2022BSCKYC
  • Hulky Inu Token07/16/2022BSCKYC
  • Dogstonks Token07/12/2022BSCKYC
  • 10Daysburn Token07/06/2022BSCKYC
  • ARIS Token07/04/2022BSCKYC
  • Tarzan Token07/03/2022BSCKYC
  • DACProtocol Token06/22/2022BSCKYC
  • Piastr Token06/21/2022BSCKYC
  • SINU Token06/18/2022BSCKYC
  • Palmare Token06/15/2022BSCKYC
  • SOC Token06/10/2022PolygonKYC
  • HEAVEN Token06/07/2022BSCKYC
  • Salah ad-Din Token05/28/2022PolygonKYC
  • CET Token05/25/2022BSCKYC
  • MEG Token05/25/2022BSCKYC
  • FGCA Token05/23/2022BSCKYC
  • UtilityCRO Token05/19/2022CronosKYC
  • CryptoArkBEP-20 Token05/18/2022/BSCKYC
  • DDC Token05/18/2022BSCKYC
  • FunStep Token05/12/2022BSCKYC
  • ET COIN WEB3 Token05/10/2022BSCKYC
  • MKD Token05/05/2022BSCKYC
  • TRIPLE7 Token05/03/2022CronosKYC
  • PixelCoin Token05/03/2022BSCKYC